Trademark Process

We are proud to say that we have a solid, seamless, streamlined process that we have been able to perfect over the years and it’s the backbone of our company and why we are successful. In this industry, a strict process is necessary when there are so many moving parts and pieces and we have gained the knowledge, experiences, and resources over the years to be able to deliver to our clients along the eastern seaboard no matter what township, county, city, state they are located in.


The first phase in any project is a consultation. Whether it is a smaller basic install or a large multi location re-brand, We schedule either an onsite meeting, or a phone or video conference and we simply start discussing your needs. Then we dive a bit deeper and get more specific with a Needs Evaluation where we ask certain questions so that we can clearly understand your needs, your goals and vision and we start to talk about how we can accomplish it. Budget planning is something we work one-on-one with the client as well – we talk about the budget up front and how we can accomplish the goals and deliver based on the budget you have.


Step two is when the project gets turned over to our Project Management Team. This team is in house, and we utilize a specific ERP system which monitors work in progress. Everyone involved in the project can see where it is in the process, and all the details at all phases of the project. We run this comprehensive system that is specifically built for this industry and it has allowed us to be extremely organized and successful. Budget is followed closely through the process by the Project Manager – it is their job to foresee issues ahead of time and budget properly, so we don’t have to go back to the customer and tell them months in that we need to increase the price. Our project managers are very experienced and detail oriented and we know how to successfully manage a project from start to finish.


Permitting is next – this is also something we do in house. We are licensed and have the ability to permit in almost every city and state on the east coast, and we are able to conduct the following:

  • Code research
  • Site surveys
  • Allowances
  • Survey properties to calculate square footage allowance

Our engineer service is something that is necessary most of the time due to some towns requiring us to engineer exterior signage for wind loads and attaching methods. We also work closely with Historic Review Committees where we meet with them so that we can understand and follow their guidelines that are required for signage in that historic area. Most have sign criteria’s we have to follow.

Variances are also something that are handled by an in-house team – certain locations require us to have an attorney for projects on commercial property. We have a list of attorneys up and down the east coast that we have relationships with to work with us to attain a variance and approval for a sign installation.


We offer light manufacturing to all of our national ship in customers. We have the equipment and ability to create manufacture, repair and paint most types of signage. Have you ever had a delivery show up damaged and the store opens in 2 days. We have you covered! Shipping cost on large Lexan faces blowing your budget? We have you covered! We have fine tuned our capabilities and skill set to provide a number of different sign types to our customers that have closed the window on expensive shipping, damaged freight and rush orders.


Installation- Our installation department has high tech, extensive equipment fully owned by the company so that we can offer a complete installation solution to our customers. We service customers within 100 mile radius daily. We have service contracts that are fulfilled yearly and maintenance programs fulfilled quarterly. Our fleet of service trucks are well stocked and fully equipped with the supplies needed to perform a service call so that it can be completed in the first trip. We are licensed in all major cities and states, with licensed/certified crane operators and installers as well as OSHA certified employees in house. Being a very safety conscious company, we are confident that our team is well prepared and trained for every installation. We document the entire site prior to starting, cone off and tape the are to ensure public safety. Before and after photos are taken to ensure the site is clean and properly put back into place. We operate in NJ, eastern PA and DE daily. We also service a 250 mile radius from VA to CT.

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