Trademark Sign has done several receive and install jobs for us, for a very high profile, nationally known client.Projects have been completed on time with no issues. Tom and his staff are always professional in everything they do. Problems are presented with solutions. We will not hesitate to use them again!

~ Tom Jones


As a national sign company, I deal with a multitude of sign companies across the country. It can be difficult finding people you can trust and do a great job, on time. Every time I have something in NJ, I call Tom. Period. The end. Believe me, I've been doing this for a long time and I've seen what else is out there. There is no other sign company in the state that cares as much for his clients as Tom does. I've given him some IMPOSSIBLE deadlines and he's met every one of them, on time, with a smile on his face. The quality of work is phenomenal (light years beyond what else is out there), which, to me, means not only the quality of the installation, but also his vast knowledge of signage and electrical work, his ability to communicate and coordinate with mall management personnel and site superintendents, his positive attitude, his ability to problem solve and troubleshoot unforeseen issues on site; the list goes on and on. IN SUMMARY: Do yourself a favor, save yourself a headache, and call Trademark to do your work if he's in your area. If you wish to hear this directly from me, or if you've followed my advice and want to thank me, feel free to contact me at Joe@ImageConsultingServices.com I've been a project manager for signage for ten years. I've been working with Tom for the last three. My only regret is I didn't find him sooner...

~ Joe Campbell


I have worked with Trademark Signs on many projects. We've worked thru some difficult permitting, crazy timelines and challenging installations. Tom has always done a tremendous job following up on progress, working through the problems and juggling things to help meet client expectations. He's pleasant to work with, and always gives great customer service. I wish all my installers were as reliable!

~ Michelle Evans